Response Supervisor - Pascagoula, MS

Company Name:
Marine Spill Response Corporation
Position Type:
The primary focus of a
Response Supervisor
is to supervise and manage the response efforts and the cleaning up of oil spills, maintain the equipment, train and develop all subordinates, and sustain customer relations. The
Response Supervisor
is accountable for the operation, maintenance, communications, contractor support, training and readiness of response personnel and equipment assigned to the sites within the Supervisor's geographical area of responsibility.
The main goals of the Response Supervisor are: ensuring customer satisfaction, striving for maximum commercial efficiency, and enhancing Company reputation, including safety and environmental performance.
oDirects the utilization of spill response resources during spill response events, scheduled and nonscheduled drills and exercises, at all times taking into account: operational readiness, operational effectiveness, customer satisfaction, cost considerations and efficient use of MSRC personnel, equipment, and contracted services. The Response Supervisor should be capable of providing the supervision of at least the initial phases of a spill response event.
oMaintains awareness of situations that affect MSRC's ability to respond quickly and efficiently as necessary or appropriate. Responsible for providing MSRC's resources and needed contractor resources that are qualified and ready to respond to a spill.
oTrains MSRC personnel direct reports to perform job tasks and responsibilities,

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